Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

In a celebration of spring and new growth, the students of Mrs Lienard, Mrs Davey, and Mrs Stead's kindergarten classes each created a handpainted panel for a Spring banner. Last week, the two classes joined together to explore the orchard, searching for bugs, flowers, and more, in a scavenger hunt.  Songs were sang, poems were recited, and mud was thoroughly enjoyed :)

Come on down to your community orchard (across from the Spiral Cafe) to see what's new and growing as Spring Has Sprung!

See how our students' field trip has found a place on the Vic West Food Security website: 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Well, if ever there was a time for students to remind us of this important message, it is now.  Many kids, teachers, and families have been hit HARD by a cold/flu over this winter season.  The students of Mrs. Lienard and Mrs. Davey's kindergarten class have created a brilliant and fun bulletin board, reminding us all to use our tissues, not our hands.

Lastly, a reminder of the why's and how's of handwashing.

Stay healthy everyone!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chess club so popular new sets are needed

The chess club at Vic West Elementary is seeking chess set donations to keep up with the success of the club. Since the fall, students have been gathering in Ms. Brown's classroom after school on Mondays to play round-robin style. Some students came to chess club never having played before but, through the guidance of parent and grandparent volunteers, students have become dedicated to developing their skills in the game. Word is out that chess club is fun and attendance has grown steadily in response. Some glass chess sets in the club have begun to break, so donations of sets with wooden or plastic pieces are preferred.

Donations of chess sets can be dropped off at the school's main office, 750 Front Street.

Thank you from the chess club!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Love Is In the Halls!

Valentine's Day is approaching and we can see it in the halls of our great school. 

Last week, one of our kindergarten classes paired up with a grade two class, to work cooperatively on "Bee Mine" bees.  During this project, several grade two students were paired up with their younger sister or brother.
Also in the grades 2-5 hallway, we see more examples of creative Valentine's art. 

Thank you to our great teachers for facilitating these fun and lovely art projects.