Friday, October 26, 2012

is coming! 
Wednesday October 31st
 1-2 pm in the school gym

There will be :
**a Giant Eye ball roll
**Ghoulish musical chairs
**drop the broomstick in the cauldron
**the teacher mummy roll up 

Mrs.Kosh has asked for PARENT HELPERS for the following:

*decorating the gym on Tuesday after school or Wednesday morning 
*someone to control the music during games like musical chairs

*people to help with the set up of cones, props, chairs, etc.,  in between relays

*set up/clean up (meet in the gym at 12:30 and stay until 2:30 if possible)

Please send us an email at (or go to the Facebook page: Vic West Elementary PAC) to let us know when you can HELP the HOWL!