Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vic West student's candy business a sweet deal for the PAC

At May's general meeting, the Parent Advisory Council was delighted to hear a presentation from 8-year-old Vic West Elementary student, Kai Webb, about the launch of his own candy vending machine business. Parents gathered around the table in the school staff room were struck not only by Kai's business ambition, but also by his intentions. This young entrepreneur wants to donate 25 per cent of the profits from his new business to his school PAC.

Kai's mom, PAC Co-Vice President Debbie Webb, said Kai had been talking about many business ideas with his parents and the candy machines was one they figured he'd have a good chance at being successful with. "He also does really want to help others and hears us talk about the PAC and what we do for the school," said Debbie, "This is great way for him to give back and help his school, friends and himself."

Taking some time away from his busy school (and business) day, Kai answered a few questions for us about his new business venture.

1 - What are your goals for your business?
"I want to learn about money and business. My goals are to expand my business, get some money and buy a laptop. I also want to help the school."

2 - Why have you decided to give a portion of your profits to the PAC?
"So they can buy supplies, field trips and events like Story Theater. In our class we are almost out of erasers and this might might help get us more. This will help all the kids in my school."

3 - What have you learned so far?
"I have been learning more math, like less expensive candies will give me more profits. Jelly beans so far cost the least per gram, so they will make the most profit and I can make it give the most amount of candy to people as well. I have been writing letters to businesses and talking to businesses, which helps me learn about talking and writing. I have learned to have the measurements of my vending machines which is part of being descriptive and ready."

4 - Any advice for other people about starting a business?
"Have a plan. Talk to businesses about your idea, and be loud and proud of your business. Act on your plan and leave your fears behind."

Good advice! Kai's candy machines, which accept quarters, will be proudly available for use at the PAC's annual garage sale coming up on Saturday, May 25th from 9-noon in the school gym. Sweet!