Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Year In The Life of the VW PAC


Ongoing Responsibilities:

  • Monthly general and executive PAC meetings 
  • PAC rep attendance at monthly VCPAC meetings 
  • Twice yearly family movie nights 
  • Return-It juice box recycling and quarterly bottle drives 
  • Payment of Can Lit book orders (approx $1000/year) 
  • Payment of seaquarium ($750/year) 
  • Scrap metal drive fundraiser 
  • Thrifty’s Smile cards fundraiser 
  • Rain garden maintenance and improvement - solicited support from Capital Iron for supplies and worked directly with student teacher/students
  • Working on increased safety at the crosswalk in front of the playground (connecting with City Councillor Lisa Helps and the City of Victoria transportation dept.) 
  • Communication and ongoing interaction with Bayview Developments - attempting to seek support and partnership 
  • Partial subsidy for Restitution Program participants on an as needed basis
  • Payment of two cultural events for all students:2012/2013: Story Theatre and Ache Brasil
  • Creation of a PAC events/fundraisers manual 



  • Redesign of PAC pamphlet 
  • Set up of new PAC email 
  • Set up and design of new PAC website (


  • Entertainment Books fundraiser 
  • Input into School Growth Plan 
  • Financial support to each classroom - $400/year 


  • Organization of Vic West involvement in Thrifty Foods Kids Run (1.5 km) - school promotion in the community, health, fun!
  • Support of Scholastic Book Fair 
  • Financial support of Halloween event and solicitation of donations of pumpkins for students 
  • Walk through of school yard with school district employees to identify areas for improvement 
  • Support of updating of earthquake kits/kiosk 


  • New PAC logo by local artist Lissa Calvert - move towards branding of the PAC to help with identification in the community 
  • CCRP magazine fundraiser 
  • Attendance at VCPAC Congress 


  • Holiday gift sale for all students and families 
  • Initiation of PAC executive meetings (approx. once a month) 
  • Collection of donations of food and money for the Mustard Seed Food Bank



  • Collected 30+ yoga mats from local yoga studios - for teachers/staff to use with students
  • Paid for busing to UVIC for choir students 
  • Paid for author visit for grade 4/5 students 


  • First monthly PAC Newsletter added to school newsletter 
  • Parent education night: anti-bullying 
  • New traffic signs added to crosswalk as a result of PAC communication with the City of Victoria


  • Raffle sales begin (Samsung Galaxy Tablet and $100 for Monk Office) 
  • Transfer of bank accounts to Coast Capital to work towards increased community sponsorship 
  • Created VWPAC mission statement and values statement


  • Support of Scholastic Book Fair 
  • Monk’s school supply order fundraiser 
  • Mabel’s Labels fundraiser (online) 
  • Parent education night - Raising Confident Boys and Girls 
  • Family movie night 
  • Participation in “Ready Set Learn” 
  • Participation in “Pitch In Vic West” at the Vic West Community Centre


  • Garage sale/bottle drive/penny drive 
  • Mural painting on ball wall (organized and supported) 
  • Extra busing for grade 4s/5s to attend theatre event at Spectrum High School
  • Participation in “Welcome to Kindergarten”


  • PAC year end event (donations solicited from community) 
  • Host staff appreciation lunch 
  • Year end gift - Restitution lyrics board installed in gym

Thank you to all parents and caregivers who assisted in achieving these goals. Without each of you, none of this would happen. 

“When educating the minds of our youth, 
we must not forget to educate their hearts” 
– the Dalai Lama