Thursday, June 20, 2013

Year end event parent schedule

Okay, all you parent volunteers, thank you for putting your name forward to help make our year end event a fun family time for all. Please see the schedule below:

Also, the following parents have volunteered to make cupcakes for the cupcake walk:

  1. D. Haley
  2. A. Batchelor
  3. J. Henson
  4. C. Forbes
  5. M. Calvert
  6. A. Madden
  7. C. Urlacher
  8. S. Ferguson
  9. L. McLaughlin
  10. C. Stevenson
  11. J. Ratchford
  12. K. Hurst
  13. K. Cherkosh
  14. C. Robinson
  15. V. Larose
  16. E. Mateos
  17. D. Malhi
Please contact PAC President, Mercedes Calvert at with any questions or if you cannot keep your commitment.

Here are some photos from the 2012 year end event:

Thanks for your support! We're looking forward to the special day.