Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snapshots from Division 7

Ms. Solecki's grade one class has been busy this fall both inside and outside the classroom. To showcase what her students have been up to, Ms. Solecki has kindly shared some fun snapshots of their learning adventures.  

In the second week of October, the class took a trek through Francis King Regional Park to learn about squirrels. This Capital Regional District program, which was made possible in part through PAC funding, included a comedic puppet show starring a country squirrel curious about city life and a hike through the woods to imagine life as a critter of the forest. The world truly is a classroom!

Back at the school, Ms. Solecki's students have been busy this fall putting thoughts and ideas to paper. Here they are creating entries in their journals.

Morning attendance is fun when students get to answer a question with their magnetic name when they arrive in the morning.

The wheels on the learning bus go A-B-C all through the town...

Class parents have been coming in for morning reading time. Moms and dads are welcome to stay after school drop-off to explore stories with the kids and share in the joy of reading together.

Since no fall would be complete without spiders, Ms. Solecki arranged for a scientist to come in and discuss spiders with her students. The exciting event included shaking "hands" with a live tarantula!

Thank you, Ms. Solecki, for sharing your snapshots with the PAC and for giving us a glimpse of the learning going on in Division 7!