Monday, May 5, 2014

Local Artist Misha Smart is coming to our school this week to start the new MURAL project! Parent Helpers Required!

Local artist and elementary school teacher, Misha Smart, is coming to our school to spend 6 days, over the next 5 weeks, working directly with students and staff to create a new mural to replace the current mural that is located by the front playground.  The current mural served us well for many years, but as time has passed, it has faded and ripped, and it's time for something new, vibrant, beautiful and reflective of our great school!  This is where Misha comes in.  Misha, a gifted and experienced artist and teacher, has created several beautiful murals that are located throughout Victoria, including a project at Strawberry Vale Elementary.
**Click on the hyperlink above to see Misha's website.

Collecting ideas from the students and staff, Misha will be creating sketches that will be projected and outlined onto the big white panels which were primed this weekend by parents.  Then, starting May 12th, Misha will be taking small groups of students from their classes, to individually paint parts of the mural.  As an elementary school teacher at James Bay Community School, Misha has experience working directly with students and is really excited to start working with our students, staff and parents.

One thing that Misha finds really helpful is to have parent helpers for this project, to assist her while working with the students.

Would you be able to step in, to be an integral part of this exciting school project?  
Choose to do a whole day (bring your lunch, spend the day in your child's school!) or a half day.  Please email us at if you can help Misha and our students.

Dates needed (half day times are: 8:45-11:45 or 12:30-2:30)
Monday May 12th
Friday May 23rd
Monday May 26th
Friday May 30th
Monday June 2nd

On Friday June 6th, Misha will be coming to our school assembly to present the completed panels to the whole school.  Join us for this exciting unveiling!
Please welcome Misha if you see her in the school.