Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New labyrinth

A new addition to the back compound has bloomed! On Saturday May 3rd (World Labyrinth Day, mind you), a group of PAC members got together and had a great time painting a labyrinth on the play area behind the school. Labyrinths are a valuable tool for walking meditation, creating an ideal space for students to become centred, focused and ready for mindful learning. Plus, they are just plain fun!
The PAC is proud to create this new asset for the kids of Vic West Elementary and the community at large to enjoy. In the future, students will be adding additional elements to it. So, come and take a look and walk the labyrinth!
Special thanks to Beth Threlfall for the lovely design, Michael Colemand at School District 61 Facilities for his guidance, General Paint on Jutland Road for the price break, and of course to Principal Jana Dick for facilitating this fun project.