Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our new, collaborative, student painted mural in progress!

If you have been in the halls of our school in the last two weeks, down by Mr DiCicco's room, you may have seen local artist and elementary school teacher Misha Smart, working diligently with small groups of students, to create our new school mural.  Every student, teacher and staff member has been invited and encouraged to participate in this collaborative project.  Thank you to parents Lori, Ahna, Aaren, and Tara who have been volunteering their time (and painting skills!) to help Misha and the students to create this one-of-a-kind mural.  It's been so fun and therapeutic to both be involved in the painting of the mural and to see the excitement and ownership that each student has, to the piece of the mural that they have painted. 

Ask your child, which part was "theirs"!

 If you haven't been by to see the work in action, come on Friday May 30th or Monday June 2nd, when the finishing touches are being done.