Thursday, May 29, 2014

Principal Jana Dick wins district-wide award!

Principal Jana Dick of Victoria West Elementary wins the School Partnership Award, presented by the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC). Left to right: Vic West PAC President Mercedes Calvert, Principal Jana Dick, VCPAC Chair John Bird, Vic West PAC Communications Director Amy Bronee.

They say "Vic West is best" and this week we were reminded of how true that is when our school principal received a distinctive award. Principal Jana Dick was presented with the School Partnership Award for her work in building strong relationships within the school community. The award, presented by the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (VCPAC), recognizes an administrator who champions authentic partnership in his/her school based on shared vision and active collaboration. This award is open to any administrator in the Greater Victoria School District who:

  • practices active partnership with parent leaders; 
  • actively promotes and models partnership in the school; 
  • facilitates the development of vibrant school culture based on the core values of students, staff and parents; 
  • creates opportunities for shared decision-making; and 
  • uses formal and informal processes and structures to support authentic partnership between staff and parents.
Despite being in the role of principal for just half a school year, Ms. Dick has been a positive force at Victoria West Elementary for 15 years. She arrived at the awards ceremony Tuesday night directly after cheering on Vic West students at the district track-and-field meet. Two members of the Vic West PAC were on hand at Spectrum Community School to congratulate Ms. Dick on her award. Vic West kindergarten teacher, Nicole Stead, was also one of the nominees in the Parents Choice Award category. Congratulations to them both!