Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Seavicwest gofundme initiative... help us to keep our Seaquaria at our school!

When you first walk in our school, you will notice that there is an aquarium located next to the main office. To many, it may appear to be just a lovely and decorative addition to our school's halls. What people may not realize is the educational and emotional benefits that this aquarium brings to our students.

Currently, Ms Carrico's grade 3 students have taken on the role of Seaquaria stewards.  They take daily measurements of the water, note the health and wellness of the creatures, feed the animals and generally ensure that they are taking great care of this tank full of local sea life.  The Seaquaria also provides grounding for students. When kids are feeling upset/anxious, they can find calm and peace by looking at the creatures as they move about in their environment.  We see many children delighting in the activities of the animals. In the halls, you will hear statements such as: "look! look! the hermit crab is coming out of it's shell" or "can YOU find the sculpin hiding behind the rock?" or "the sea cucumber moved ALL THE WAY to the other side of the tank today!"

This Seaquaria is more than just decoration, it is an integral part of our school.  Given this, the PAC has set up a gofundme account, to try to raise the funds needed ($1,470/year) to have the tank in our school. Please, share the gofundme link with your friends, family members, and beyond. Every amount counts!