Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cancer Kicking Event Raises $3000

Our little school showed big heart this weekend with a successful Cancer Kicking Garage Sale & Bottle Drive. The event in support student Dakota Cunningham, who is currently undergoing treatment for T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, raised just over $3,000!!! WOW!!! That money will go a long way in supporting Dakota and his mom Jaclyn while they focus on Dakota's health and getting better.

A lot could be said about this event. But this video slideshow probably says it best:


A HUGE thank you to all the school and community volunteers who enthusiastically moved tables, lifted boxes, sorted bottles and drummed up sales. This includes several people from Jaclyn's workplace. Your contribution of time and energy made the day a success!

Thank you also to the business partners in our community who donated drinks to sell at the event. They are:
A big thanks to all the home bakers who donated delicious goodies to the bake sale. Your contributions were enjoyed by many a smiling, chocolate-covered face.

Thank you to Marty the Marmot and The Victoria Royals for lending your support. The kids (okay, the adults too) were thrilled to see Marty there.

Thank you to Bottle Depot for supporting our bottle drive by dropping off the huge collection bins and picking them up at the end of the event. The bottle drive alone earned nearly $500!

Several members of school staff, including our principal Deb Courville, teachers, and even a former teacher, came out to show their support and make the day a success. Thank you for demonstrating why 'Vic West is best.'

Thank you to everyone who donated items for the garage sale. As soon as the call went out, we started receiving generous donations from school families, the community and beyond. Your unwanted items were turned into cash for a great cause.

Thank you also to everyone who dropped off bottles either in advance or during the event. The bottle drive is ongoing, so keep bringing your donations to Bottle Depot under the account name 'Team Jakota.'

Anyone wishing to make a direct financial donation to the cause, can do so through the 'Team Jakota' GoFundMe account, which is a quick and easy way to support the family.