Monday, September 28, 2020

PAC Executive 2020/21

Our inaugural p.a.c. meeting was a success, and we have elected our executive members.
We warmly welcome our new chair, Arpita Monahan, and treasurer Taylor Weimer. Returning members continue their roles as secretary (Megan Haggerty) events coordinator (Robin Kiernan) communications (Tara Davidson) back up secretary/volunteer coordinator (Eva Cassetti) and district p.a.c. rep/newsletter (Jen Childs).
Meetings will continue to be held via zoom, the next meeting will be October 13 7:30-9 and as always all parents and guardians of Vic West students are welcome.
This meeting will involve setting the budget for the upcoming year and canvassing members for fundraising ideas and initiatives. While we regret the loss of some of our favorite and most profitable fundraisers (no winter sale/games night/wacky walkathon/spring fling this year) we look forward to hearing the creative new ideas our school community will come up with to replace them. Agenda items may be submitted to